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VueMinder Calendar Lite

Juny from Nairobi asks:

How do I put a reminder of something important on my PC?

Thanks for the question Juny. Your current system or email client probably already provides this function, but without knowing what you’re using, I can’t address that. However, there are dozens of free and reliable calendars that include reminders. One is VueMinder Calendar Lite [1]; a calendar application laden with useful features, but this article will focus on reminders. However, I recommend taking a thorough look at the available options.

During a straightforward download and installation, you’ll be offered the options shown below. I chose to leave both boxes checked.


On my computer, when the application installed, the desktop calendar was placed in an inconvenient location. In that case, click the Move/Resize button to generate a frame from which the calendar can be moved, using the title bar.


There are several ways to create an appointment (event). The easiest is to click the New Event button.


This will bring up the Event window. For the taskbar reminder displayed below, check the Show a desktop alert box at the left. You can also add a voice reminder by clicking the radio button in the center. Click the Preview button at the right and, if it’s what you want, click Save and Close in the upper left.


If you check Show a popup reminder, one will appear at a prescheduled time. As seen here, it can also be opened, deleted, dismissed, or the snooze can be set for later.


To delete a reminder, simply select the reminder and click the Delete button.


Everything above was done with the desktop calendar, but the VueMinder Calendar can also be accessed by double-clicking the taskbar icon, although right-clicking it will reveal the options below.


Here is a screenshot of the standard interface, with event and reminder items highlighted.


Juny, I hope this helps. Thanks again for the question. VueMinder Calendar Lite can be downloaded here [1].