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Waking Up Vista or Windows 7

Did you know you can use the Windows Task Scheduler to make your computer wake up automatically from the sleep mode with a pre-set time? Well, now you do and here’s how to do it:

Go to Start, All Programs, Accessories, System Tools, Task Scheduler. Or, you can also type task scheduler into the Start Search and click on the Task Scheduler link.

Select Create Task on the right hand side.

In the Create Task dialog box, under the General tab, fill in the Name and Description fields. Also, check the option that says Run with highest privileges

Under the Triggers tab, click New and another window will then open. Select “One time” (or Daily if you want it repeated everyday at a certain time). Next, set the Date and Time for when you want your computer to wake up from the sleep mode.

Now, under the Actions tab, you have to mention a task. Click New and then run a simple task. For example, launch and close the command prompt window. That will then set your computer to wake up every time you carry out that task. (You can choose whichever task you’d like).

Next, select Action as: Start a program. To schedule a task that executes the command cmd.exe with command line arguments, copy and paste this under the Program/script section:

/c “exit”

Under the Conditions tab, check the Wake the computer to run this task checkbox. That is very important, so don’t forget to do it!

When you’re done, click OK and then Exit Task Scheduler. Your computer will now wake up from the sleep mode at your specified time. How cool is that? Give this a try today!

~ Ramachandran Kumaraswami