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Want Microsoft Office? $9.95 Could Get You A Copy

The most popular office productivity software is Microsoft Office, with millions of users in schools, businesses and at home. The major complaint of almost everyone who uses Office isn’t about the quality of the software, but the price.  The full version of Office 2013 Plus runs close to $500.  How would you like to get a completely legal official copy from Microsoft for only $10?

The good news is if your company runs Office as part of the corporate licensing program, you may be eligible for Microsoft’s Home Use Program. This program allows you to download a copy for only $9.95. To check if you’re eligible, contact your company’s IT department or visit the Home Use Program website by clicking here [1].  Click “Don’t know your program code? Click Here” and type in your work e-mail. If you are eligible, you’ll be sent an e-mail with a link to be able to purchase it at the special price.

The version currently offered by Home Use Program is Office 2013 Professional Plus which includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Access, Publisher, InfoPath and Lync. This version is the full version and does not require you to have previously owned Office and is still valid even if you end up leaving your job. This version is for home use and can be installed on two computers. It is not controlled, monitored or paid for by your companies IT department so you can use it for all of your personal needs without worrying about if it’s allowed under the company’s IT policy.


P.S. Don’t quality? Don’t despair, you can still download for free OpenOffice which is a free office suite compatible with Microsoft Office files. While it does not have the updated Office interface or all the bells and whistles, it performs the vast majority of office suite tasks fantastically totally free.