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Want Windows 7 instead of Windows 8?

If you are like me you’ve become quite attached to Windows 7. The interface is familiar, but it’s functional and does most of what I need it to do. However, Microsoft has decided to change a lot of how Windows works by removing the start button and switching to the Windows 8 interface which is optimized for touchscreen and multi-touch trackpads.

So what do you now if you want to buy a new computer and it comes with Windows 8? Microsoft has an answer for you. Get the Pro version of Windows 8 and you’ll be allowed to use your license key to downgrade to Windows 7 or Windows Vista. Make sure you get Pro though because you won’t be able to pay Microsoft later for the downgrade rights if you have the regular version of Windows 8 installed by the manufacturer.

Now this process won’t be as easy as just clicking a downgrade button, as you will need to fully install Windows 7 (along with finding drivers and software for your computer), but it does provide an option for those of us unwilling to make the switch to Windows 8.