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Warning For Android Users – Text Message Worm Could Cost You

Security firm Adaptivemobile is warning Android users about a text message worm that could cost you money. A new malware called Selfmite can subscribe your phone to premium service that you don’t want.

Here’s how it works. You’ll get a message with containing a URL like this Dear [NAME], Look the Self-time, http://goo.gl/******

Users who click on that link will be directed to a site that allows you to install an app. An icon with the name self-timer will appear on your menu. If a user opens that app, the malware will get into your contact and sent a message to 20 different contacts. It steals the contact’s name to use as the greeting, which can make a message like this seem legitimate.

The malware will also open up a URL in your web browser that offers to let you download a file called Mobogenie. Mobogenie is a legitimate app, and Adabptivemobile believes that one of Mobogenie’s advertisers may have abused the app to up the number of installations. However, this worm could be used to redirect users to install all kind of malicious apps.

It’s always good to remember, no matter what device you are using, being extremely cautious before you click on any link or install any application or program. If you don’t know what it is, do some research first.

~ Cynthia