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Wars of the Roses

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Wars of the Roses

Drama, Intrigue, War, and Marriage: am I talking about the latest hit at the box office? Nope! I’m talking about the Wars of the Roses from 15th Century England. The nobles from the House of Lancaster and the House of York fight a nasty battle for who will claim the throne of England, embroiling the country in a series of civil wars.

This site provides an excellent way for you survey the information surrounding the battles and the people involved. To get started, check out the timeline of battles below the introductory text. It is a royal timeline and shows you who was in power when, and for how long.

Below that you’ll find links to important people at the time, divided up between the royals and other important people. Just follow the links and you’ll be escorted to a wealth of information on the movers and shakers of the time.


Below that you’ll find the Battles Timeline! Click on any of the names of the battles along the timeline and you’ll be whisked away to that battle’s page where you will discover an overview of the battle, key points, who the victor was, who was leading the different houses at the time, the size of their forces, and notable deaths.

I would also recommend that you don’t skip the Origins link in the introductory paragraph. It provides a wealth of information on how the wars began.



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