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Washington Photography

Washington is a landscape photographer’s delight. You get to capture serene nature, the kingdom of the wild by day and a buzzing city by night. Get a glimpse of it in the sun-kissed season of spring and Washington State will be a favorite haven for the photographer in you. Here are ways to maximize the state’s photography potential.

– The region is flanked by two imposing mountain ranges: Cascade and Olympic. Each peak has its individuality. Visit the National Park on Mt. Rainier, go glacier spotting in the North Cascades National Park near Canada or find yourself in the midst of a recently erupted volcano in Mt. St. Helens. Getting here is fairly easy. You could either trek or come by car. Not to mention, Mt. Shuksan loved by photographers around the world for its picture postcard quality.

Mt. Shuksan. CC image courtesy Curt Smith

-Washington will also deliver to you some charming rivers… Snoqualmie, Skykomish, Green and Elwha, among many other perennially flowing rivers and waterfalls from the snow-capped Cascade mountain range.

– Go deeper into blue with the Puget Sound, the water way that unites the land and sea. A host of beaches greet you at Washington, waving in from Olympia to the Straight of Juan De Fuca. Dive in to picture the marine life. But wait, there’s more if you are a wildlife fan… Orcas, octopus, bald eagles, osprey, herons, black bears, grizzly bears, elk, mountain goats and even chipmunks will welcome you with Southern hospitality. Choose whatever you please, but make sure you are promised some excellent muses.

Puget Sound. CC image courtesy Erroll Ozgencil

– A busy line-up of sky scrapers, offices and high rise buildings on one side, get balanced with the greenery and rivers on the other. Snow-capped mountains are united in the backdrop with a bedding of blue underneath and around the city. You may want to zero in on Elliot Bay at Alki Beach, or catch a ferry for an awesome view. All this for you to get that classic city shot.

You can head East once you are satiated with this, and unwind with the view of fields and meadows of apples and wine in the Yakima Valley, Washington.

Yakima Valley. CC image courtesy Henry Alva

– Autumn in Washington is the perfect time to catch some amazing stills of lightening as it gets stormy. Set foot into the woods and mountains in this season and you’ll see some pretty snow-scenic beauty along the way.

– Washington’s appeal is at its height during the spring and summer. Shoot Skagit Valley in all its glory with yellow, white and red colors rising to glory. Want to get a hold on all this and more? Rush to Washington.

Skagit Valley. CC image courtesy Richard Saxon

~Zahid H Javali