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Watch Later on YouTube

A YouTube excursion often leads in several different directions: watch a video, select a suggestion from the right column, watch that, click another suggestion…etc. etc. However, when there’s no time to submit to these tempting side trips, suggested videos can easily be set aside to watch later.

Note: you must be signed into a Google account to follow these steps.

Click the + button on a suggested video and select Watch Later, for this video to be added to a Watch Later list.


To access the Watch Later list, clicking the small arrow at the far right of your account will expand the account information. To edit the list (rearrange the order, delete choices, etc.), click View list.


In the Watch Later list, click the Edit Playlist button.


There, along with the options mentioned above, privacy and settings can be tweaked. When you’re done, click the Save button.

Later, when you have the time to indulge, just open the list and either select specific videos, or watch the entire list.