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Watch That Video Later

Leslie from ny writes:

I received a video in my email. Is there a way that it can be transferred to DVD, so that I can watch it at a later time?

Hi, Leslie.  If I’m reading your question correctly, I think that you don’t simply want to transfer the movie file to DVD, but to actually save it in DVD format so that it can be watched on a DVD player, right?

To simply save the video for a later time, use your e-mail’s “save attachment” feature.  I don’t know which e-mail server you use, but I’ll use Gmail as an example, since that’s what I use.  Near your attachment you’ll find the “download” button.  On Gmail, it’s directly to the right.

This opens your save dialog box where you choose to save your video.  Once you have saved this to your hard drive, you’ve really done what the second half of your questions asks, because now you can watch it later, or any time that you want.

As far as transferring it to DVD goes, just choose your favorite DVD creation software and get creative.  For cheapskates like me, Windows comes bundled with a DVD creator called “Windows DVD Maker”.  The one downfall of Windows DVD creator, like with a lot of free programs, is that it doesn’t understand several of the new video formats, such as .3gp and .mp4.  So in other words, to transfer these files to DVD using Windows DVD Maker, you first have to use a program like VideoDownloadHelper [1]to convert the video into a more familiar format like .wmv or .mpg.

Hope that this helps.

~Randal Schaffer