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What is Waze? That’s what you are probably wondering. Well it’s an application for the iPhone, Blackberry, Android, and other smart phones that helps you stay on top of what is happening in traffic.  I despise getting caught in a traffic jam, especially if it is avoidable. Now I have the tool to make sure that I can avoid them all the time.

I would suggest that you start your visit to the site by clicking on Guided Tour at the top of the page.  The tour explains how the application works, how it collects data, what safety measures it provides to prevent people from trying to use their phone (typing) while driving, and what you can do as a Waze user to help make the product more accurate.

If you’ve decided that this sounds like an application that you’d use head on over to the Download section. Then select the type of phone you have so that you can download the version of the application that will work on your phone. I use a smart phone with the Android operating system, so I clicked Android. It let me know that I could download it from the Android Marketplace or use my bar scanner to scan the QR code on the webpage.

This is a handy application that will help you avoid traffic jams around town!

http://www.waze.com/ [1]