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Weak Password Statistics

Okay, be honest now! How many of you out there still use weak passwords? You know what I mean! I’m talking about the infamous passwords like “1234,” “password” and “qwerty.” I hope most of you are answering, “Not me!” But I’m second guessing, because I read an article a few days ago that just blew my mind.

Recently, a study was done on 28,000 passwords that were stolen from a popular Web site. The study found that people are still using weak passwords, even though the consequences have been shown time and time again.

The analysis found that 16 percent of passwords were someone’s first name, 14 percent were simple passwords, such as “1234” or “qwerty,” five percent were names of TV shows or movies, four percent were “password” and three percent were passwords like “whatever” and “I don’t care.” If you add all of that up, weak passwords accounted for 42 percent of all the passwords analyzed. Wow!

Now, I know our readers are smarter than the average computer user, so I assume you aren’t contributing to those horrific numbers. But, if you are, you should fix it now! We’ve written several articles about strong passwords that can help you. Take a look at a couple here [1]. Until next time, stay safe out there, my friends!

~ Gary