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Weather Mania

I’m crazy about the weather and I love to know first thing in the morning what the day’s conditions are going to be like. Is there any way I can have this information waiting for me on my computer each morning?

That’s a great question. With summertime finally here and the weather getting warmer and warmer every day (in some areas), it’s nice to know straight up what each day’s weather is going to be like. And what more convenient way is there than to have it on your computer? Well, if you would like to know more about this, keep reading, because I’ve got some great information for you!

Now, you probably know that you can get updated weather information from your local news station’s Web site or from a local newspaper’s site. These sites provide you with tons of information about weather, from understanding the phenomena behind weather to storm trackers, etc., but what if you just want the basic stuff? You know, what the temperature will be, the highs, the lows, if it’s going to rain or not, etc. Well, you have some choices when it comes to that.

One would be The Weather Channel [1] Web site. They offer a free desktop weather alert program. This keeps an icon on your desktop with the current temperature information displayed at all times. You can pick your city to view and the updated info will always be there for you. You can then double click on the icon to find out even more about that day’s weather. This feature also gives you updated information on storms and other bad weather and you can get a 10 day weather forecast just by clicking on the icon. Pretty nifty, huh?

Now, if you’re more interested in detailed weather forecasts, another site you may want to check out is Weather Underground. This site gives you updated weather information as well, along with historical weather data, astronomical info and it also provides links to other weather stations that are operated in your local area.

I was able to find one Web site where you could sign up to have weather information sent to you each morning via your e-mail address. With this, the basic weather info that you crave to see every day will be in your e-mail Inbox waiting for you. How cool is that?! This feature can be found on MSN’s [2] Web site and you just have to click on the link that says Windows Live Alerts. You do have to have a Hotmail account in order to do this, but it’s well worth it.

You can also get weather info from other common Web sites such as Yahoo! If you use Yahoo! as your Web browser’s homepage, you can add weather information to that, so every time you open your browser, it will be waiting for you there.

Either way you go, it’s pretty cool to have this information there for you when you need it. Never get behind on weather updates again! Happy weathering!

~ Erin