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Web-based email help lines and FAQ locations

Email help lines

Every email system has its own little tricks and twists. Chances are good that a recent problem is due to a recent change made by the email provider (sp am filter, security settings, etc.). While we try to help all of our readers out, sometimes contacting the email provider directly can get you the best answer. It also lets them know when there’s a problem with their system! So next time your non-Outlook-based-email acts up, here are some resources to help you find the answers you need.

Adelphia.net: From the home page, click the white FAQs or HSI Support link just beneath the banner or click the Contact Us icon at the right-hand end of the banner.

AOL users: In the AIM Mail Welcome screen, there’s a Help Tab in the upper far-right corner of the welcome screen. This will open a new window with help topics listed along the left hand side. Check those out for ready-prepared answers. Personally (and for regular AOL mail users), I found this page a little more helpful for the most common AOL email questions I hear:
If you don’t find the answers you need on that page, there’s a Contact Us link in the upper right hand corner.

BellSouth: The Email info section of their forum FAQ is at:
The main forum page is:
The main page has a white “Contact us” tab on the right-hand side:

Comcast: There’s a “Contact Comcast” link at the very bottom of the Help FAQ page.

Earthlink users: The main support page at http://support.earthlink.net/ is pretty comprehensive. Answers to most of the common issues can be found by clicking Troubleshooting Problems in the Email Section. If you can’t find your answer that way, there are links in the left column of the main support page under Contact Us for chat-, email-, and phone-based support.

Hotmail users: In the upper right corner of your Mail screen (you may need to scroll to the right), just below the Web Search box, is the word “Help“. If you click on it, a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) list appears in a separate window. If your question is not answered by the FAQ, the next step is to type a key word in your question into the box at the top of the column and click the arrow to the right of the box.
A list of entries will appear on that topic, for example, “Cannot send email to AOL accounts”. If none of the entries answer your question, it might be time to ask for some help. At the very bottom of every entry, there’s a Contact Us link that will take you to Hotmail’s Support Form.

Juno: http://www.juno.com/contact/brand.html?next=http://www.juno.com/support
You’ll be directed to choose your version of Juno for the most accurate support.

Netscape: the FAQ and contact info can be found at:

The FAQ and ready-made answers require some scrolling to the bottom of the screen, but they’ll probably be the fastest solution to the most common problems.

Optimum Online: Contact info is available under a Need more Help? link toward the bottom of the Answer Center page:

SBC/Yahoo: http://help.sbcglobal.net/index.php

Verizon: http://netservices.verizon.net/portal/site/msa/?
You’ll be asked to sign in at the Communications Center box. You could also click the white “Help” in the gray tab and specify your connection type and other information.

Yahoo users: From http://mail.yahoo.com/, there’s a link in the upper right-hand corner called “Help”. Clicking on it brings up a separate window for sign-in and registration help. Hmmmm, I’m sensing a pattern here. If you scroll down to the Related Links section on the left-hand side, there’s a Yahoo! Mail Help link that takes you to http://help.yahoo.com/help/us/mail/ and a page full of Yahoo-mail-specific topics. If none of them answer your question, there’s an Ask Yahoo! Help box at the top of the page.

So next time you web-based email users aren’t sure how to implement one of our Outlook-based email tips, you can get the answer straight from your provider’s mouth.

Thanks to the Message Board members who helped out with this one!

~ Chris Fisher