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Web-based email tips

Why don’t you run more tips for us Web-based email users (AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.)?

It seems that for every web-based email service there are different features and procedures. This makes it very difficult to write “universal” tips. Since Outlook Express is what we use around here, we are able to offer tips based on what we know. We try to include Netscape Mail when possible.

Your web-based email HELP screen is a great resource for specific tips. If we run a great tip that works on OE, you could go to your email help screen and search for the feature. For instance, if we run a tip on blocking senders, go to HELP and search for “block senders”. Yahoo, AOL, or MSN all have their own ways of doing things that Outlook Express and Netscape Mail can do—you just need to look in the right place.

BTW: Out of the thousands of you who took our survey yesterday, 60% use Outlook/Express or Netscape Mail, while 20% use web-based. Thank you for helping us focus our content.

~ David