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Web Site Week – Day 2

Web Site Week – Day 2

Welcome to day 2 of Web Site Week! Today, we’ll be discussing Web site stickiness and ways to get more hits on your site. If you didn’t understand a word of that last sentence, that’s okay! By the end of this week, you will be a Web site wizard!

First off, Web site stickiness means making your Web site so interesting, so entertaining and so informative that visitors will want to keep coming back. If your Web site is very sticky, visitors will come more frequently and stay longer.

There are many ways to increase your Web site’s stickiness, which we will be discussing all this week. You can have an interactive Web site or even have updated content. Or, another option is to provide services and gadgets on the site to make it helpful or easier when people visit your site. An example of that would be offering a news service on your page or perhaps, offering a search from your site. You may have seen that type of thing on other Web sites. So, now that you know all about Web site stickiness, let’s begin with today’s tutorial.

Google Page Creator (get there by clicking here) offers free gadgets that you can place on your Web site that help increase your stickiness. To view them, click on the Add Gadget link in the bottom right corner of the window.

There is a fairly large collection of sticky tools here. To add one, click on the preview. I thought it would be a great idea to add a comic strip to my homepage. That way, visitors could get a laugh whenever they visit. Also, any time of day that they come back, a new cartoon will be displayed. Cool, huh?!

To add a gadget:

1.) Click the Add Gadget link in the bottom right corner.

2.) In the box that appears, find the gadget you want to add. You can either search or use the links on the left. I decided to search for ”comic.”

3.) I found one I liked and clicked on it.

4.) Your gadget may require some simple setup settings. Mine wanted me to select which comic I wanted to be displayed. I selected “Blondie,” because that’s one of my favorites!

5.) Check out how it looks:

Now, you can find even more sticky tools at another great Web site called FreeSticky.com. Here’s what the homepage looks like:

On the left, you can find the categories of the content FreeSticky has to offer.

1.) Under the listing, click the Home Page link.

2.) Then on the page, copy the HTML code to your clipboard.

3.) Now, go back to the Google Page you want to edit and click the Edit HTML link in the lower right hand corner.

4.) In the box that appears, paste the code where you want the gadget to appear.

5.) I added a CBS sports line ticker to my “Sports Picks” page. You can see how it looks here.

I also added a cool preview to my “Favorite Web Sites” page. When you roll over a link, you’ll see a preview of the site. I found the code for that here.

Another way to increase your hits (or visits to your Web page) is to join a Webring. A Webring, in general, is a collection of Web sites from around the Internet that are joined together like a circle or a ring.

Imagine this, 20 people have Web sites about basketball. Five of them are about specific players, five of them are about specific teams and 10 of them are just about professional basketball in general. They are linked together by a Webring. Now, when people visit one of the 20 sites and see the link for another Web site, chances are, they will click on it too. When you are in a Webring, you are supposed to put a panel on your site linking to the other sites in your ring. Everyone else then links to yours as well. Below is an example of how a panel for a tennis Webring looks:

I won’t go into great detail on how to join a Webring, because it’s really simple, but here’s a briefing:

1.) First, go to www.webring.com [1] and you can search for a Webring at the top of the page.

2.) Click on it and read about it. If you want to join, click the Join Now link.

3.) Now, you must read the Terms and Conditions of the ring you choose. When you have finished and if you still wish to join, click the Join link.

4.) Then you will just have to fill out some simple questions about your Web site and yourself.

5.) If you are accepted into the ring, you will receive an e-mail with an HTML code in it. You just need to copy and paste that code on to your homepage and you’re in!

Those are just a few things you can do to bring more traffic to your Web site. Now, make sure you stay tuned, because I have even more fun Web site information for you all tomorrow! See you then!

~ Neil Patel