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How to Remove a Specific Object or Person From an Image

There are situations when you may want to remove a specific object or person from an image. Say you have just found an old photo of yours and want to use it in some of your projects. The photo is all right, but there is a building which you want to remove, without distorting the colors and other attributes of the image.

This can be easily achieved with advanced photo editing applications like GIMP or Photoshop but, if you’re not quite ready for sophisticated photo editing software, try WebInPaint. It’s a simple tool which can be used to remove a specific object or person from a photo.

The impressive thing about WebinPaint is that the application will blur the background of the object so that the image does not appear broken.
Here are the steps that need to be taken:

Open your web browser and go to webinpaint.com [1]. You will see the following web based image editor:


Hit the Load the Image button, which will open a small window, where you can select the source of the image file from your computer.


This will open the image in the WebInPaint image editor, as shown below:


There are different tools and buttons available on the application editor, which can be used as required. Use the Select Tool and completely cover the object you want to remove. An example is shown below:


Be sure to completely cover the object with the Select Tool; otherwise the blurring will not be perfect.

When you are done selecting the entire object, hit the InPaint button and the application will remove the object from your image.


Here is the end result of the above image after processing:


The modified image can be downloaded to your computer in JPG or PNG formats. You can further sharpen the image quality and remove the blurred pixels using Webinpaint. This is a recursive process – the more you work on it, the better it gets.

~Amit Banerjee