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This week, I have found a free Firefox add on for you called Webmynd (pronounced “Web Mind”). This powerful add on keeps track of your browsing history and it organizes it in a way I’ve never seen done before!

When you visit a Web site, Webmynd keeps track of and stores a snapshot of the site you visited. It organizes the history by site and it allows you to visually “look” through your history to find the site you visited before. I have only been using Webmynd for a short time, but it has already helped me tremendously!

On top of its history capability, it also enhances your search. When you do a search on Google, it automatically gives you search results from Webmynd and del.icio.us. This add on is great for those of you who do a lot of Web browsing.

You can download Webmynd for yourself right here. Enjoy!

~ Gary