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Wedding Mapper

Wedding Mapper

Here’s a fun one for you!

Most people love weddings. Well, except the bride and groom maybe. And given the amount of things they have to manage before, during and after the wedding, it’s totally understandable. So, taking inspiration from all the brides and grooms of the world, today, I am going to talk about wedding invitations. By now, you’re probably thinking that I’m crazy since I am writing about weddings in a newsletter related to computers, so before I get any crazier, let me explain.

Everyone likes a pretty invitation card, however, sometimes people lose track and sacrifice information for the sake of prettiness. That leaves all the the poor guests spending extra time trying to search for different venues and asking for directions. Since Valentine’s Day is on its way and many of you or someone you know might be getting married, I decided to talk about a Web site that makes wedding planning so much easier. Once you go through it, I can bet that you will love it!

The Web site is called Wedding Mapper and as the name suggests, it helps you map out the whole wedding in an extremely methodological manner. Like everything else on the Internet, to start with, you need to sign up for a free account. This only takes about 10 seconds. Once you are signed up, it automatically logs you in and you can start planning your wedding right away.

Wedding Mapper is a complete wedding organizer that is aimed primarily for the wedding guests. The idea is to clearly provide the guests with information about the ceremony, the times and locations, etc. Now, by locations, I don’t really mean providing just the address of the venue. The idea is to show everything on a full-fledged map, with even driving instructions included.

You start by entering basic information, such as the city where the wedding will be held, the date on which the wedding falls and the names of the bride and groom. After you fill in this information, the map automatically loads up for you.

Next is the stage where you start filling in the important information related to the different locations where various events will take place. To help you along, Wedding Mapper already has a set of default categories for you to fill in if you’d like. There are different categories, including the reception, the ceremony, hotels, etc. If you need to add an extra category or two, that can be done with real ease. Likewise, you can edit any of the present categories as well. For example, you can list the church where the actual ceremony will take place, followed by the venue of the reception and so on. If you want to add the venue for the bachelor party on the map, for instance, you can do that as well. While you are adding a venue on the map, you can also enter additional information, such as the complete address or contact numbers of the venue, a picture or even driving directions, etc.

You simply repeat this process for all the locations you have to add for different events during the wedding. So, unless you are having a great big Indian monsoon wedding, you shouldn’t need more than a few categories. Along with markers for the different ceremonies, it’s a good idea to add markers for different hotels, restaurants, etc. in the area. This can be especially helpful for out of town guests or for guests who are not familiar with that particular area of the city. Every time you add a location, a marker is placed on the map to signify the location. Then, when anyone clicks on the marker, they are provided with additional information about the venue and the ceremony that is being held there. If you want to be adventurous, you can use the satellite images instead of a map or even combine the two together on a hybrid satellite map.

Lastly, if you want to, you can add a picture and a message to the map. This is the first thing that guests will see when they visit your map. If you choose to include a picture on the Web site, you can either upload them or provide a URL to them, if they are already online somewhere. The point is, if you want to make this look pretty, nothing is stopping you. After all, it is a wedding and everything should look perfect!

You can also choose to view the different locations and their information in a list view. This, in my opinion, is much more pleasant and it gives that default wedding feel to it all. The list nicely sums up the whole wedding. Think of it as an e-wedding card where guests can check out the location of different ceremonies, just by clicking a link. And nowadays, since everyone seems to have a BlackBerry or another Web enabled phone, this should come in handy for all. So, to recap the steps:

1. You enter the wedding information, name, place, date, etc.
2. You add all the different locations on a map and add extra information about them.
3. Share the information with friends, family and guests.

Sharing the information is probably the easiest step and there are multiple ways in which you can do this. You can send a mass e-mail to all your contacts to let them know about your wedding or if you have a blog, you can link to your map from there. All you need to do is copy and paste a direct link to your map or if you wish, you can directly link to the marker too. Lastly, if you have a Web site of your own, you can add the map to the site itself.

There you go! Your wedding map is done. Now, when your guests visit your page, they will come across a very nice layout with all of the information they need to know about the wedding on a nice, detailed map.

Now, one question some of you may have is about privacy. Why should you put all the information about your wedding online? Well, Wedding Mapper states right on their homepage that they keep all the information private. So, the only people who can see your wedding page are the ones who have received the link from you. You can always go through their privacy policy to read in detail about this as well.

All in all, as a conclusion, I can say that this is an extremely useful Web site that is sure to make the job of the “to be wedded” couple so much easier. So, if you are getting married or know someone who is, pass this on. They will thank you for it, I’m sure!

Check out Wedding Mapper for yourself here.

~ Yogesh Bakshi