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Weekly Download: AutoStreamer

If you have installed Windows XP, then you know that half the battle is keeping the system up-to-date with service packs and patches. This can actually take longer than the install. In fact, if you use a dial-up connection, it can take longer than a holiday weekend. This can be a real “time sucker”.

If people call you to fix their PC, you may find yourself installing Windows from time to time. Being the local computer guru may sound great, but it can quickly get overwhelming. So if you find yourself installing Windows XP, 2000, or Office XP from time to time, AutoStreamer is for you. If you have a dial-up connection and you find yourself in this same boat, then you absolutely need this program.

Let’s talk about AutoStreamer — it’s a slipstreamer. This kind of program keeps your Windows disk up-to-date and can greatly speed up an XP installation. A slipstream allows you to create ISO files of your operating system with the current service pack already on the install disk. You can then burn this ISO file to a bootable disk that will install Windows XP as though it was the original disk. The big benefit comes when you get done installing and don’t have to download and install any service packs (which, as I said, can take up a lot of your time). Installing from the ISO created disk, you can have the new service pack installed without going online. Yee-haw, I love slipstreamers.

Download it here…

I was a little leery about running this download, but it’s not very difficult. The manufacturer’s site doesn’t offer a ton of help, so I wrote some directions for installing and using AutoStreamer. http://www.worldstart.com/downloads/AutoStream-instrucs.pdf

The above instructions tell you to get SP2, here’s the link for that:

You’ll see for yourself how uncomplicated it is and if AutoStreamer will be useful to you.

~ Chad Stelnicki>

Sept. 9, 2005. Note: AutoStreamer can also be used on Office XP, and Windows 2000.

**WorldStart is not the developer of this software and can not offer technical support.