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Lately, I’ve been getting some type of error called whagent.exe on my computer. What does it mean and how can I fix it?

Whagent has been around since approximately 2001 and it’s enhanced ever since on millions of computers. Whagent is a product of a company called WebHancer and it is used to gather up information about computer users while they surf the Internet. In other words, it’s a type of spyware that monitors your Web activities, which is obviously never good!

Whagent is generally loaded onto computers as a TSR program (terminate and stay resident), which means it stays in your system’s memory until it is needed. A good example of that is a virus scanner, because it’s there for whenever you need to check for virus risks. The only difference with whagent is that you’ll never really need to use it on your own. Whagent is usually installed as an extra install when various utility programs are placed on your computer. Some of these programs include Audio Galaxy, iMesh and BeFaster Internet Speed Up Toolkit, among others.

It is recommended that the whagent program be uninstalled as soon as possible, because it is considered to be an invasion of your privacy. Uninstalling it will also hopefully keep other companies from placing it back on your system. If you find traces of whagent on your PC, use the following steps to remove it for good.

1.) Go to Start, Control Panel and double click on the Add/Remove Programs icon.

2.) Once there, look through the list of programs and see if you can find anything under the name of “Whagent.” If so, remove the program. That should take care of that.

Now, if you can’t find it under your Add/Remove programs list, but you do see it under the Task Manager when you hit Ctrl + Alt + Del on your keyboard, follow these steps to remove it from your computer:

1.) First you need to empty out your C:/Windows/Temp directory. Double click on the My Computer icon on your desktop and then double click on your C: drive. Double click the Windows folder and then double click the Temp folder. Once in there, look for the Temporary Internet Files folder, then the Content.IE5 folder and just empty everything out of there. You can also get there by opening up your browser and going to Tools, Options and click on the Delete Files button.

2.) Next, you need to restart your computer so it can work on a fresh reboot.

3.) Now, hit Ctrl + Alt + Del on your keyboard again to open up your Task Manager. Make sure the Whagent program is off of there and is not running anywhere in the background. Next, click Cancel and continue with the steps. If it’s still there, highlight it and hit the End Task button before moving on.

4.) The next thing to do is delete the directory of C:/Program Files/webHancer/ if it is present on your system still. Just double click on the My Computer icon to get to your C: drive and look for that file. If you find it, just make sure the following entries are no longer present on your computer:

– webhdll.dll
– whagent.inf
– whInstaller.exe
– whInstaller.ini

Once all of those files are removed from your system, you shouldn’t have any other trouble with the whagent error. Everything’s better off without it there!

Also, just for your general knowledge, Whagent has only been found on PCs running different versions of Microsoft Windows.

~ Erin