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What Are Apps In Windows 8?

John writes:

I now have Windows 8. What are and how can I add to APPS? How do I address an entry into an APPS? Please help.

John, Apps are simply applications, which are programs designed to run in Windows 8. In the past you would have found the programs by looking under Programs. Some apps are designed to run with the Metro/Modern look of Windows 8 and others (like Word) are designed to work as desktop apps.

You can add apps by shopping in the Windows Store, which you can access by selecting the Store tile on the Metro/Modern screen.


Or you can choose to type Store in the search charm.


In the Windows Store, you will find a variety of apps that you can either buy or download for free.

When you choose to download them, they will automatically go into your apps, just as a program you installed in previous versions of Windows would automatically show on your list of programs.


If you purchase and install or download a program like Office or Norton Security, it will also display in your list of apps.


To access apps in Windows 8 and 8.1, simply swipe up from the bottom on a touch screen device or click down in the corner with your mouse. In Windows 8, you will see the option to select All Apps.


If you’ve upgraded to 8.1 you will see the same symbol with Customize beneath it. Selecting either icon will take you to your apps. You can also access them by pressing the  Ctrl + Tab keys together.

You will see a screen that displays all of your apps. That includes Metro/Modern style apps and any programs you’ve installed on your computer. You can look through them by swiping on a touch screen or using your mouse.


 You can search for specific apps in Windows 8 by opening the search charm, selecting apps and typing in the app you’re looking for.



In Windows 8.1, you can search from the Apps screen itself.


Also, if you have 8.1, you can make it really easy to get to your App Screen with just a touch of the Windows Button.  Check out the article on how to make that happen by clicking he [1]re. [1]

 There’s nothing really special about Apps – they are just programs on your computer. Hope this clears up any confusion.

~ Cynthia