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What are Google Attributes and Values?

Mary from Oklahoma asks:

What are Google Attributes and Attribute Values?

Good timing on this question, Mary.  I just researched this to satisfy my own curiosity.

This actually concerns the Google Merchant center, where people go to list their products for sale through Google Product Search, Google Product Ads and Google Product Search.  You know those ads that pop up at the side of your blog for humorous and ironic political T-shirts?  Those.

The attributes of the item help you describe it more easily to your customers.  The basic attributes are ID, title, description, Google product category, product type, link, image link, ADDITIONAL image link (in case one just isn’t enough), and condition.

The more information that you can put in each of these categories, especially description, the better your chances of selling the item.  Oh… and the information that you fill in to those attribute fields?  That’s the “value” of that field.

So, for instance, if you were selling an HP Laptop, the value for the title might be something like “HP Laptop For Sale”.

Hope this answers your question, Mary!

~Randal Schaffer