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What Are The Most Important Tablet Specs?

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What Are The Most Important Tablet Specs?


If you’ve considered buying a tablet device recently, you’ve probably seen a specifications page a mile long, but which are the most important specifications to pay attention to? I’ll break it down into four key ones that will help you choose the right device.


At its most fundamental, a tablet is a device you look at and interact with. Since the screen is not replaceable, finding a good screen is critical. Look for a display that lists the touch screen as capacitive and the display type as IPS. Avoid screens that say resistive or list a display as just TFT.


Since a tablet is a small computer, it’s important to have a fast enough processor to handle web browsing, e-mail and apps without bogging down. In general, look for dual core or quad core processors with speed ratings over 1.0 Ghz. Avoid processors that are single core and speed ratings under 1.0 Ghz.

Size & Weight

Since a tablet is meant to be held in your hand rather than sit on a desk, the overall size and weight of the device is important. While there is no “guideline” that applies to everyone, you can generally consider 7-8″ tablets well designed for single hand holding and larger 9-11″ tablets are designed for two handed or table top use.


Since a tablet does not connect to most standard computer accessories, it’s important to look at what expandability is available. If a tablet does not have a memory slot, then you’ll be limited to the built-in memory of the unit. If the tablet has a USB port, look to see what accessories are supported.  Just because it plugs in, does not mean it will have drivers for your tablet.


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