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What Does “Download” Mean?

What does the term “download” mean, and how do I do it?

When you download something, you are transferring data from another computer to your computer, usually over the internet.

Say you are a solitaire player and have decided that you would like to have a variety of solitaire games to play on your computer. You browse the internet and find a free program called 123 Free Solitaire 2009. (By the way, I’ve seen reviews that indicate that it’s great for solitaire addicts.) The site says to ‘Download here” (or something equivalent to that). You click on the button because you would like to transfer the game from the web site to your computer; you would like to download it. After you click on the ‘Download here” button, a box will pop up that looks like this:


Here you have three options as to what you would like to do once the file has been completely downloaded. You may click on Save and 123 Free Solitaire 2009 will be downloaded (and saved) to your computer. Option #2: If you don’t want to save it (maybe you just want to try it and not take up any space on your computer), click on Run to download and install the game. If you have suddenly decided that you never want to play cards again, click on Cancel and the download will automatically be stopped.

Essentially when you download something, you receive whatever it is you are downloading (in this case, it’s the solitaire game).

On the flip-side, if you would like to upload something, you are going to transfer – or give – something from your computer to someone else’s.