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What does it mean to “boot” your computer?

What does it mean to “boot” your computer?

Booting a computer is a simple procedure that’s preformed when it acts up. Let’s say it’s the 20th time in an hour that Windows has locked up. You simply lift the computer up at about chest-high level and drop kick it. It doesn’t always fix the problem, but it does tend to make you feel a little better.

The term originated from the old west cowboys. Their computers (running Win 1870) would often cause them no end of grief and would be riddled with thousands of triangular dents produced from the tips of those boots they wore.

JUST KIDDING – sorry, couldn’t resist.

When you start (or re-start) your computer, that’s called “booting”. If you want to get all technical, when you power on your computer, it’s a “cold boot”. Restarting it is a “warm boot”.

Tossing it out the window is just giving it “da boot”.