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What Food Looks Like

Om nom nom nom! I was lured into this site by the scrumptious photos and then found the site’s premise fascinating! I really like its education goal to teach people what food really looks like.  

When you load into the site there’s a black shadow box with white text that explains the purpose of the site – to educate people about what food really looks like around the world – and if you click it, it goes away and you can explore the site. 

You’ll start your food adventure with Mexican Cuisine. There’s a photo of the staple ingredients of Mexican cuisine and then a short paragraph beneath it explaining the staples and evolution of food for that area. 

To browse another area, you’ll need to click the white arrows to the right and left of the screen. Right takes you forward, Left navigates back to previous cuisines. 

You’ll be able to explore Chinese, Thai, Indian, Italian, Spanish, French, and Scandinavian cuisines.

I thought this was a very interesting and fun way to look at food around the world, although it did make me hungry!  

http://whatfoodlookslike.com/ [1]