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What is a Blog?

What is a blog?

Want to expose your thoughts to the world? Share your favorite links? Shout out your political, religious, or personal beliefs? Well, a blog is the place to do it. It can be a soap box, a pulpit, a diary—whatever you want it to be. There are few rules and can be any size or shape.

Blog is a portmanteau of “Web Log” and is a web site where you can post pictures, share links, make comments, and write whatever you want. Another neat aspect of blogging is that visitors can comment on the posts creating an interactive, collaborative space. Many have RSS feeds [1] that notify you of new posts.

Blogs make a big impact these days and are fastly becoming a valid news outlet. For example, bloggers exposed forged documents used in a news story causing the demise of a prestigious network anchorman. Some bloggers are even being recognized by the news establishment as legitimate journalists. Priests and pastors encourage and inspire with daily devotional posts.

There’s a blog for every interest, and if there isn’t, you can create one. Basic blogs can be created for free, while more involved ones might require a hosting fee.

For some lists of what’s out there, check out these web sites…

http://blogcatalog.com/ [2]

So explore the “blogosphere”, or jump in with your own blog spot.

~ David