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What Is A Browser Add-On?

I’ve Always Wanted To Know:
What is a browser Add-On?


Browser Add-Ons (or Extensions) are pieces of software that change the way your browser works or adds additional functionality to your web browser. Add-Ons can be something as common as Adobe Flash Player which allows you to play flash content on the web (movies, animated banners, games) to popular security programs such as NoScript which prevents scripts from being run unless you mark the site as trusted.

What kind of things can an Add-On do?

To look at a list of currently installed Add-On’s for your browser and find new Add-On’s go to:

Internet Explorer:


Google Chrome:

If you are running your web browser without any of these great Add-Ons you are really missing out on some of the great customization and power available to you. Try installing one today.