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What Is Bluetooth?

I Always Wanted To Know:

What is Bluetooth? What is it used for?


When looking at specifications for computers, phones and tablets you may see the word Bluetooth but what does it refer to? What is it used for?

Bluetooth is a wireless communication standard built in to many electronics, which allows you to connect peripherals like headsets, keyboards, mice and speakers. Bluetooth is popular because it requires very little device power and requires no special adapters outside of the Bluetooth chip built into the devices. The principal downside of Bluetooth is that it only works over short range. The range is 30 feet at maximum, though in most situations you can expect a reliable working distance of about 10 feet.


The primary use of Bluetooth is to connect wireless headsets and headphones to a call phone. Bluetooth is also helpful for connecting wireless keyboards to tablets and computers that support Bluetooth. You can identify a Bluetooth device by the Bluetooth logo (pictured in the top graphic) and the word Bluetooth on the specifications list. If your device says Wireless, but does not list Bluetooth, it will not be able to connect via Bluetooth.

For a device to connect to a Bluetooth accessory, you must “pair” the device to establish a relationship between the two. Each device will have instructions on how to go into pairing mode, but the default passcode for almost all Bluetooth devices is four number zeros, 0000. You only need to pair a device once, then you’ll be able to connect by simply powering the accessory on.


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