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What’s an MP4?

What is an MP4?

By now we all know what an MP3 is, but what about the next slot over – the MP4?

The short answer is that an MP4, otherwise known as mpeg-4, is an invention of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and is based off Apple’s Quicktime .MOV format. It is a compression method, much like MP3, but is more versatile and geared towards digital video and audio, rather than just audio, as in the MP3’s case.

You can go a little deeper, too, to see that MP4s can contain extras like codecs and subtitles built right into the file, and that it’s a format which can play in just about any iPod, Playstation, Xbox, Cellphone or other multimedia capable device. It’s also allows for streaming over the Internet.

Pretty versatile, I’d say!