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What Is A Product Key?

Question: My friend gave me a CD of a computer program to make cards and posters. It was a brand new CD still wrapped in plastic.  When I put it in my computer, it asked for a product key and gave me a box to type a code in. What is a product key and how do I find it?

A product key is a combination of letters and numbers that is used to unlock or open software. Each individual copy has its own unique product key.  They look something like this.

The product key may be located inside the program’s box or case or printed or applied as a sticker to the front or back of a the envelope the disc came in (also known as a sleeve). For downloaded software, they may be e-mailed to you.  Do not throw out any of the packaging that comes with a program until you find your product key or try your program out to make sure it doesn’t require one. 

Hope this helps.

~ Cynthia