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What Is The Windows 8 Charms Bar and Where Do I Find It?

Lynne writes: What is the Charms Bar in Windows 8, and where do I find it?

The Charms Bar is simply a menu with icons that that show you what actions you can take on your current screen. It pops up to the far right of your screen in Windows 8. For some reason, the developers thought “Charms Bar” was a better name that menu. The options here are to Search, Share, Go to the Start Screen (Not to be confused with the Start Menu offered in older versions of Windows.), Devices and Settings.


There are three ways to pull it up:

On a touch screen device, simply swipe right to left and it should appear.

You can also press the Windows Key and the letter at the same time on a keyboard to pull it up. Below is what the Windows Key looks like. The appearance may vary slightly depending on your keyboard.

 The third option is to point your mouse to the upper or bottom right corner of your screen, though I’ve had sporadic success getting that to work on my computer.


Hope that helps.

~ Cynthia