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What Line Was That?

What Line Was That?

Ever try to communicate with someone about an MS Word document and wish you had line numbers to refer back to?

What a great thought! Line numbers. Now, if we could only get Word to automatically number the document lines.

Good news, numbering lines is exactly what we’re going to get Word to do for us today!

Line numbers is a part of the Page Setup settings. (File menu, Page Setup choice).

You’re looking for the Layout tab.

In the bottom section, tell Word where to apply the line numbers (whole document, this point forward or if you selected some text before you began, selected section) and click the Line Numbers button.

**We need to have a quick side note here.** If you start with selected text and choose to number just that portion, Word will automatically put a page break both before and after the selected text. If you choose to number lines from this point forward, Word will then insert a page break before the numbers begin.

Now, back to business. When the Line Numbers window opens, you need to check the “Add line numbering” option.

This choice will activate the rest of the window. Here you can make decisions regarding how to number (every line, every two lines, every five lines, etc.), what number to start with and how far to place numbers from the text. Don’t forget to make a choice at the bottom regarding continuous numbering throughout the document or restarting (at page or section break).

When you’ve made all your choices, click OK.

Click OK again to exit the Page Setup window and poof! You’re back in the document with lines neatly numbered and easy to reference!

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