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What the F-key? F5 through F8 (Extended)

Welcome back to another exciting edition of “What the F-key?” Today our special guest stars are F5 through F8. Let’s give them a warm round of applause! Just to recap, the function keys are the line of “F” keys going across the top of your keyboard going from F1 to F12. As before, we’ll be covering the ALT, CTRL and Shift functions of these keys to see what they do.

Note: Do not expect all of these key combinations to work. Some of them may be program specific, or obsolete. If you’re slamming the keys and nothing is happening, move on! :)

Shift + F5 = Move to a previous revision (MS Word)
CTRL + F5 = Unconditional Refresh (Refreshes Internet Explorer from Internet, not cache)
ALT + F5 = Closes the Word Program (although nothing happened for me)
CTRL + F5 = Restore document window size (Apparently not functional)

Shift + F6 = Program specific. Experiment at your own risk, and don’t forget to save your work first!
CTRL + F6 = Cycles forwards between open windows within a program
CTRL + Shift + F6 = Cycles backwards between open windows within a program

Shift + F7 = Opens the Thesaurus command in MS Word.
CTRL + F7 = Program specific. Experiment with this one, but save your work first!
CTRL + Shift + F7 = Updates linked information in a Word document.
ALT + F7 = Finds the next misspelling or grammatical error.

Shift + F8 = Shrink current selection (MS Word)
CTRL + F8 = Program specific. In Microsoft Project it resizes the project window.
Alt + F8 = Opens the macro menu (MS Word)

There are many more shortcuts to be had outside of what I’ve listed here. A lot of programs, like Adobe Photoshop, use combination functions all the time! It’s all a matter of experimentation and remembering to save your work first!