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What the F-key? F5 through F8

In part 2 of “What the F-key?” we’ll be covering Function Keys F5 through F8. Some useful ideas here for function keys, folks! Just to recap let’s discuss what F-keys are used for:

Function keys have many, many uses, some of which are specific to the program that’s running at the time. They’re mainly used as shortcuts or in conjunction with the CTRL, ALT, and Shift keys, which I’ll cover in a later article.

Continuing on, here are the basics of function keys F5 – F8.

F5Refresh key. Use this key to reload a web page or refresh your desktop. This is a good one for both the Internet (good for Ebay bid battles) and apparent computer freezes which you can read about here.

F6 – Cycles the cursor from field to field in the active program. In MS Word you can use this F-key to go to the next pane or frame.

F7 – This F-key is programspecific. Experiment in different programs to see what it can do, but remember to save your work first!

F8 – This key is used to boot Windows in Safe Mode. Read about Safe Mode here. (http://www.worldstart.com/tips/tips.php/1249)

We’re almost done, everyone! Check back for the exciting conclusion of “What the F-key?”. Same Worldstart time, same Worldstart channel!