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What the F-key? F9 through F12 (Extended)

Our romp through form and function is nearing it’s end, and we have but four remaining F-Keys to discuss. The ALT, CTRL and Shift combinations haven’t really added a whole lot of usefulness as far as I can tell, but we’d better finish this off with F9 through F12, just to be thorough! Remember: The F-keys are not a curse word, but a row of keys at the top of your keyboard ranging from F1 through F12.
Without any further hesitation a-here-we-go!

Note: Do not expect all of these key combinations to work. Some of them may be program specific, or obsolete. If you’re slamming the keys in frustration and nothing is happening, move on! :)

F9 (Note: These combinations only apply to MS Word)
Shift + F9 = Switch between field code and it’s result
CTRL + F9 = Insert and empty field
CTRL + Shift + F9 = Unlink a field
ALT + F9 = Switch between all field codes and their results

F10 (Note: Yet another MS Word only situation)
Shift + F10 =Displays the shortcut menu
CTRL + F10 = Maximizes the document window
CTRL + Shift + F10 = Activates the ruler (Non-functional for me)
ALT + F10 = Maximizes the program window

Shift + F11 = Go to previous field (MS Word)
CTRL + F11 = Lock a field
CTRL+ Shift+ F11 = Unlock a field
ALT + F11 = Display Microsoft Visual Basic Code
ALT + SHIFT + F11 = Display Microsoft Visual Studio Code

Shift + F12 = Choose the Save Command (MS Word)
CTRL + F12 = Choose the Open Command
CTRL+ Shift+ F12 = Choose the Print Command

Once again, there are many more shortcuts to be had outside of what I’ve listed here. A lot of other programs, like Photoshop, use combination functions all the time! It’s all a matter of experimentation and remembering to save your work first! I hope you’ve enjoyed our trip down F-key lane. Rest assured that there are more fun and functional shortcuts and tips from me in the future. Until then, be safe, save often and don’t be afraid of your computer!