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What Version Do You Want?

What Version Do You Want?

Do you have an MS Word document that you find you’re constantly revising?

Do you find yourself wishing you still had an earlier draft of the document somewhere?

Maybe, at one time you did, so now your solution is to continually save the file under a different name each time you revise.

This is a solution that certainly provides you with the ability to return to an earlier version—but what a potential nightmare when it comes to keeping track of all those files!

Why bother with all that?

Wish you had a way to save different versions of your document within the same file?


Well, then here’s your good news of the day. There is a way—yeah!

What you’re looking for is MS Word’s Versions feature.

(Yep—it’s actually called “Versions”—couldn’t get any easier to remember.)

Versions is a feature that will save and help you manage all those different drafts of your document. It allows you to save the different versions, open, print, and delete them as necessary.