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What Version of Internet Explorer Do I Have?

Dr. Mohsin Ali in Singapore asks:

How to find what Internet Explorer version I have in Windows 7?

Hello Dr. Ali, and thank you for the great question. You will be glad to know that it is very easy to find the version of Internet Explorer you have on your Windows 7 computer.

Open Internet Explorer on your computer by double-clicking the icon on your desktop. Alternatively, you can click the Start button in the lower left corner, and then click Internet Explorer.

Once Internet Explorer is open on your screen, click Help from the menu bar at the top, and then click About Internet Explorer. A new window opens.

Look where it says Version in this window, and it will show you the version of Internet Explorer you are using. The latest version of Internet Explorer is 9. If the version on your computer is 8 or below, you can upgrade to Internet Explorer 9, if you wish.

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