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What Was There

Have you ever wondered what your city, state, or country looked like in another time period? Well with the site What Was There you can discover that answer for yourself!

So how does it work? Historical photos are synced up with Google Maps to give you a window into the past. The interface is easy to use, just type in the name of the City, State, or Country you want to check out and then click the orange Go button.

Do you have historical photographs that you’d like to share? Well you can upload them to the site using the handy Upload a Photo button. You’ll have to register to upload photos; it is a simple form to fill out, just provide a username, e-mail address, then create a password.

Do you just want to look at the photographs without having to put in a location? Well you can do that too! Click Explore Photos at the top of the page along the green navigation bar, and you’ll be whisked away to a world map. You can then select a set of photos to view by choosing a pin point on the map. The heads of the pins have numbers on them to inform you how many photos exist for that location.

This is a really neat site; I hope you’ll have as much fun looking into the past as I did!

http://www.whatwasthere.com/ [1]