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What’s a Dialog Box?

I was talking to someone the other day who was having a problem with one of her computer programs and that a “dialog box stating the error” had helped fix it. I acted like I knew what she was talking about, but – what is a dialog box?

I had no idea what it was when I first heard the term, either. It turns out that we see them all of the time, only nobody uses the term for them very often.

A dialog box is one of those boxes that pop up when you have an error, when you need to begin or complete a task, when you are being directed to another site, when right-click has been disabled; all kinds of things. Three examples of dialog boxes are shown below.

1. I right-clicked on a website and this is the dialog box that popped up.

(In other words, no right-clicking!)

2. When you point to Start, left-click on Run, the Command dialog box pops up.


3. A dialog box will pop up when there is an error on your computer. In the example below, I have used the error dialog box that popped up when I typed in the word ‘nothing’ in the command box.


And that’s what a dialog box is!