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What’s Going On Here?

What’s Going On Here?

Ever enter data in MS Excel, only to find that it’s changing all the time from whole numbers to decimals?

For example, you enter a 5 and get 0.05. What’s up with that? If I wanted 0.05, that’s what I would have entered, making this a completely unsatisfactory situation!

Well, believe it or not, it’s a simple thing. It’s something that even I’ve accidentally caused during some of my “snooping” through Excel for research.

Fortunately, after a short time of frustration, it hit me as to what the problem was. I goofed.

At some point when I was in the Options window, I accidentally set a fixed decimal place and the result was definitely something I didn’t want.

If you’re experiencing this situation, just take a moment to double check this setting through the Tools menu, Options choice.

On the Edit tab, you’re looking for the “Fixed decimal” option.

Make sure this is not checked. With it selected, the number of places set in the “Places” field will take over and you’ll end up with the ever changing data!

Click OK when you’ve cleared the fixed decimal checkbox.

Hopefully, with that adjustment, your data will stay as you intended!

~ April