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What’s in That E-mail?

What’s in That E-mail?

Are you tired of opening e-mail after e-mail, only to find that it’s of no interest to you?

Feel like you just wasted all your time with the open, close and delete process?

Are you looking for a way to see what’s there, without actually going through the hassle of opening the message? You know, get a little preview.

If so, what you’re looking for is MS Outlook’s Preview Pane feature (in Outlook 2007, it’s called the Reading Pane) and it’s only a couple clicks away!

In older versions of Outlook, you need the View menu, Preview Pane choice to activate this feature.

In Outlook 2007, you need the View menu, Reading Pane submenu and you can then make a choice as to how you want the Preview Pane to look in the program window.


The bottom portion of your program window becomes a separate pane where you can scroll through the e-mail, without actually doing the extra work of opening the message.

Here’s another little piece of important information: you can alter the amount of window space the Preview Pane uses. To do so, simply run your mouse pointer slowly over the border between the Inbox and the Preview Pane.

When you see the double-sided arrow, click, hold and drag the edge of the Preview Pane to the location you desire. Then just release the mouse button.

You can see as much or as little of the message as you wish, all without ever even opening it. Yes!

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