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What’s That File? – PPS

Marsha writes:

Q: I am trying to figure out how to open “powerpoint” pictures, etc. I don’t have powerpoint on my computer, but want to know if there is a “free” powerpoint to download. Also, someone told me that a version of Office will do the same thing. Is that true?

A: Well Marsha, for this one we’ll turn to our tips archive. It looks like you are looking for the MS PowerPoint Viewer. Check out the info below!

You could say that I’m a bit of a connoisseur when it comes to e-mail. I get literally hundreds, sometimes thousands of e-mails per day depending on the scenario, so I’ve seen all kinds of attachments, subjects and the like.

One attachment in particular has always put me off, though. The PPS file.


What is this file, anyways?

A PPS file is actually a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation or slideshow. Just like slideshows past, it is nothing more than a series of pictures, only a PPS is conveniently packaged into one file for easy viewing. Problem is: What if I don’t have MS PowerPoint on my computer?

Rest easy, you can download a PowerPoint viewer here, which will allow you to look at PPS files,without actually owning the software!

As always, make sure that you’ve got all of your virus definitions up to date and you scan everything that comes down the pipeline to your inbox. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!