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What’s that pointer?

Posted By On April 23, 2005 @ 12:43 PM In Computer Terms | No Comments

What’s the proper name for the little mouse pointer?

The slanted arrow that moves on the screen when you move the mouse can be called a “cursor“, although some might argue that technically only the blinking line in DOS can be called that. C’mon, get with the 21st century! For the average person, the terms “pointer” and “cursor” are interchangeable.


The cursor may change into a small hand (when you come across a link)


…or an animated cursor (when Windows is loading up for a commanded action)


In word processing programs, when writing email, or hovering over web page text the cursor turns into an I-shaped object that flashes in the line of text. Now, that looks more like a “real” cursor :-)


~Jesse Pimentel

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