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What’s The Big Difference Between Vista & Windows 7?

Frank writes:

Hi, I have been a professional programmer/architect for over 25 years, my Sister has been for over 35 years. My thought is this We have never found anything wrong with the Vista (Pro) OS. I don’t get it, we both had it it since it first came out. My wife had Windows 7 and I don’t see much functional difference. Is it all just marketing?

Part of the issue with Vista was change. It was very different from XP.  Some programs that worked with XP, didn’t work with Vista.

Some of the difference include the Windows 7 XP mode that allows you to run a virtual XP machine. (I used this a lot at a previous job where the software was nearly a decade old). Win 7 also allows you to pin almost anything to the taskbar and it came with a native ISO burner, has improved handwriting recognition and improves performance on processors and boot performance.

It’s a bit like the differences between 8 and 8.1. Except 8.1 was free. 

I was fine with Vista and  asked this same question to an IT guy a few years back and he grumbled and said, “It’s just different.” 

I’m curious to know what other users think about the differences. Let us know in the comments.

~ Cynthia