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What’s The Difference Between LCD, LED and Plasma TV’s?

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What’s the difference between LCD, LED and Plasma TV’s?


Buying a TV today can involve a myriad of confusing terms so what do you need to most know about the different technologies? At it’s core a flat screen TV’s display is driven by one of two different technologies: LCD (liquid crystal display, like most computer monitors) and Plasma (fluorescent gas such as xenon or neon). LED TV’s are LCD TV’s but instead of using a CFL type backlight they use LED’s either side or rear lit. So what’s the pro and con of each display type?



Plasma TV:

So which should you buy of the TV types mentioned? If price is no consideration than LED TV’s produce the best combination of performance and power usage but if price is a consideration look for either a good LCD in a room with reflections or a Plasma in a room without.