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What’s Up With The $$ Files?

Sheila from Texas writes:

What about all those files with the $$ in front of them? Can I delete ALL of those? Will it help my computer to delete them?

Let’s start with an explanation… those files you’ve found are Temp (temporary) Files. Often they will have a “.tmp” extension and are located in a Temp folder.

Various programs will create them while you’re working to hold auto-save files or other data the program may need.

When you close the program they should be erased, but as you’ve found that’s not necessarily the case. (Computer crashes, improper shutdowns, general program issues often cause these files to be left behind.)

They are safe to delete, but be sure to close all programs before you do it – since programs create and use them while you are working, you’ll want to be sure that nothing is currently being used.

Temp files are using up disk space and could cause your computer to work slower… so yes – go ahead and delete them!

~ April