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Where Can I Copy My Pictures?

Jacki from Utah writes:
I need something to put a TON of pics OFF of my P.C. onto something else. What can I put a TON pics onto????  (like some kind of an external drive or something??)
I’m not sure what you mean by a TON of pics, but here are some options.  You could choose a large flash drive. You should be able to get 64 GB for less than $60. 
You might also consider an external hard drive. You should be able to find plenty of space in the $50 to $100 range depending on size. 
You might also want to consider Cloud storage like Microsoft SkyDrive. Actually all three solutions at once aren’t a bad idea. You could put the flash-drive off-premises in a safe deposit box, back up photos to a cloud account and keep an external hard drive on hands for frequent back-ups.
You should always have back ups of your photographs. Make it a regular habit to back them up in multiple locations.
~ Cynthia