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Where Can I Find File In Outlook.com?

Carol from Wakefield, MA writes:

I have Windows 7 Home Premium and I use Outlook now as it was changed from Hotmail awhile back. I keep reading different instructions to do different things and they usually start with … Click on FILE .. That’s where I am lost! There is no tool bar for Outlook.com that I have ever seen. Consequently, I do not have the word FILE in Outlook.com. I guess my question would be..why don’t I have it? I love your newsletters. I save them in fact for future reference. Thank you.

The problem could be that you’re actually reading instructions for the Outlook mail client program that installs on your computer and not for Outlook.com, which is an Internet based mail service.  Outlook (the mail client) has functions that integrate MS Office. The Mailbox looks like this:

The mailbox for Outlook.com looks like this:

If the instructions call for you to click “file” to start, they are probably for Outlook and won’t work for Outlook.com.  So look for the .com after Outlook to make sure you have the right instructions. Feel free to send your Outlook.com questions to us by clicking here. [1]

~ Cynthia