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Where can I Hibernate?

In Windows XP and I can’t find “Hibernate” listed under the shut down options. What can I do?

It’s still there—so close that if it were a racoon, it’d bite ya!

When you go to Start / Turn Off Computer (or from the desktop just hit Alt+F4) you will see three choices: Standby, Turn Off, and Restart.

Now, hold down the Shift key and look what happens—”Standby” turns into “Hibernate”.


If this little trick doesn’t work, then you need to enable hibernate. Click Start / Control Panel then “Performance and Maintenance” and “Power Options” (in Category View) or just “Power Options” (in Classic View). Click the Hibernate tab, then check the box marked “Enable hibernation” and OK.


Now the trick should work.

So what’s the difference between “Standby” and “Hibernate” anyway? Why would you choose one over the other?

In Standby your computer uses less power than when it’s just sitting there not being used. It stays available for immediate use. The information in memory is not saved on your hard disk, so If the power gets interrupted, the information in memory is gone.

Hibernate shuts down your computer after saving everything in memory to your hard disk. When you bring your computer out of hibernation, all programs and documents that were open are restored to your desktop. This also helps conserve laptop batteries.

Now that you know how to hibernate XP you’re ready for winter.

~ David